PRP: Platelet-Rich Plasma is a more natural approach to cosmetic injectables with long-lasting results (12 to 18 months). With this procedure, we collect the patient’s blood into a special blood collection tube (just like a regular blood test). The blood is then spun in a centrifuge at high speed, which separates the red blood cells from the plasma and platelets. The red blood cells are then separated from the plasma and the platelets.

The plasma and platelets’ clear yellow fluid is drawn into a syringe and injected it directly into the patient’s skin. Ultimately the growth factors released by the platelets will stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin that work to produce new collagen, which will improve the skin’s overall structure and firmness.



There is The Vampire Facial (1) and The Advanced Vampire Facial (2). Both are a combination of Dermapen and PRP, but the difference is in the way the PRP is implemented:

1. The Vampire Facial

The plasma and platelets are placed into the skin through the Dermapen needling procedure (like a moisturiser), rather than injected.

2. The Advanced Vampire Facial

After the Dermapen treatment, the doctor (an Aesthetic Physician) injects the platelet rich plasma in the area treated.

The Vampire Facial and The Advanced Vampire Facial have become a common and popular skin treatment for a number of reasons:

  • PRP is proven to add longer lasting results. Results usually last between 12-18 months when combining the two treatments.
  • Combining Dermapen and PRP has been proven to increase the effectiveness and even turbocharge the results of the targeted area/s of concern being treated.
  • PRP assists the recovery and healing process that comes with Dermapen.
  • PRP works to reduce the redness and swelling that comes as a result of the Dermapen procedure.




  • acne scars
  • hyperpigmentation
  • scarring
  • sun damage
  • age spots
  • sagging skin
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • smoker’s lines
  • darkened areas (under the eyes)
  • large pores
  • stretch marks


On top of your general skincare routine, it is vital that you prepare your skin with a pigment inhibitor (recommend: Cosmedix Simply Brilliant) to prevent any hyperpigmentation, particularly for Fitzpatrick skin phototype III (darker white skin) IV (light brown skin) & V (brown skin). We also strongly advise avoiding too much sun exposure.


There may be little signs of post-treatment redness, skin sensitivity and irritation, but both Vampire Facial treatments comes with minimal recovery time.

During the healing period: roughly three days immediately after the treatment, one of our All Saints elite skin team member will carefully advise you to:

  • Take home advanced recovery skincare products to assist the effectiveness of the recovery process.
  • Avoid alcohol-based products and exfoliants.
  • Avoid the sun and wear accurate sun protection.
  • Avoid extensive exercise activities that will make you break out in sweat as this can irritate the skin.


The number of treatments depends on each individual and their level of skin concern/s. We generally advise the following:

  • For general skin rejuvenation:
    • Initial phase: three treatments (each treatment taken four weeks apart)
    • Maintenance phase: one treatment every six months
  • For deeper skin concerns such as acne scarring:
    • Initial phase: six treatments (each treatment taken four weeks apart)
    • Maintenance phase: one treatment every six months


Expect to see an even skin tone, and smoother and firmer looking skin immediately after the healing process (three days).

With the PRP component, it is estimated to take three to four weeks for new cells to be enhanced. With the implementation of PRP, after the initial treatment phase (three or six), results are expected to last 12 to 18 months, relatively longer than other common cosmetic procedures (4-6 months).



  PRP PLASMA THERAPY Duration Price PRE PAY 3 Discount
  1 TUBE Plasma Therapy 90 $450.00 $999.00 was $1,350
  2 TUBES Plasma Therapy 90 $700.00 $1,599 was $2,100
  Stretch Mark Reduction 90 $450.00 $850.00 was $1,350
  Eye Rejuvenation with PRP 90 $450.00 $999.00 was $1,350