Photo Rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment performed with medical-grade Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. It is designed to target skin conditions, including pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, dilated capillaries, redness, and rosacea. The process works by using accurately targeted light energy to safely treat visible blood vessels or pigmentation.

Photo Rejuvenation stimulates the body’s natural healing process to assist in the removal of treated pigmentation and vessels, while also promoting the natural production of collagen, which leaves skin smoother and more evenly toned.

Treatments have proven to generate substantial visible improvements in the skin without significant downtime. The Intense Pulsed Light used to perform Photo Rejuvenation is attracted to dark melanin and haemoglobin causing a coagulation and destruction of targeted lesions. As IPL is attuned to dark pigment it is not suitable on tanned or dark complexions, including recent sun exposure or self-tanning lotions.


IPL skin rejuvenation treatments can be effectively used to treat:

  • Freckles, sunspots and other hyperpigmented areas
  • Acne (the light energy destroys bacteria colonising your skin)
  • Sun damage and/or redness
  • Broken capillaries
  • Uneven colouring
  • Stubborn melasma

Safe and effective when operated by one of our highly trained and qualified technicians, our gold-standard Candela lasers provide one of the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments.


IPL Skin Rejuvenation can benefit your skin

Reduce Pigmentation and Redness – Reverse the signs of sun damage – Aid in diminishing the appearance of brown spots, blotched and pigmentation on the face or body.

Smoothing of the skin – Stimulates the production of collagen, a natural protein that fills in lines, making the skin smooth and youthful.

Improving the overall texture – Maintain youthful and even-looking skin through the removal of unwanted pigmentation.

Real Treatments, Real Results

The before and after pictures have not been altered in any way. Individual results may vary.



Treatment  PRICE
Full Face $299
Single Blemish (Small) $70
Nose or Chin $80
Cheeks (Large) $159
Forehead $129
Décolletage $249
Back of Hands $179